When you have Chronic Kidney Disease, what are the treatment options?

freedom to live with dialysis


Some of the work of the kidneys can be performed by artificial means.

You can perform dialysis either at home: Peritoneal Dialysis or Home haemodialysis, or hospital based or in-center haemodialysis.

If you consider home as an option, you will receive support, you are not on your own. The team at the hospital will make sure you can be treated safely at home and will only be a phone call away.

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freedom to live with kidney transplant


This involves the removal of a healthy kidney from one person (donor) and its insertion into a patient with kidney failure (recipient).

A transplantation is done by a surgeon during a transplant operation.

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kidney disease conservative medical treatment

Conservative Medical Treatment

The goal of conservative treatment is to minimise the symptom of kidney failure. Your medical team will suggest a combination of medications and regular medical care.

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