Treatment options for chronic kidney disease - peritoneal dialysis, kidney transplant, haemodialysis.

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This is a Malaysian public service website dedicated to providing support to patients in the early stages of kidney disease, those at risk of developing kidney disease, their caregivers and family.


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kidney functions

All About Kidney

One of the main functions of the kidney is to clean the blood.

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kidney failure - family and caregivers

Kidney Failure

Symptoms of kidney disease can vary from person to person.

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kidney failure treatment option

Treatment Options

When you have chronic kidney disease, what are your options?

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Still leading active lifestyle

Date: 21 Jun 2015
Kidney health and active lifestyle remain..

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How Optimism and Support Has Helped...

Date: April 2015
Back in 1983, when he was just 30-years-old..

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Kidney Disease Patients Around The World...

Date: 13 March 2014
On World Kidney Day on March 13th...

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Automated Peritoneal Dialysis


Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis